Olivier-RocheEmail: olivier.roche@sothebysrealty.com
Megève: +33 (0)4 50 91 74 38
Web: www.megeve-sothebysrealty.com
Courchevel: +33 (0)4 79 08 34 73
Web: www.courchevel-sothebysrealty.com

Olivier Roche specializes in luxury real estate in the prestigious ski resort areas of Courchevel and Megève, France. As a native of Courchevel, he possesses all of the necessary connections and knowledge about the development in both areas, helping clients with both sales and rentals.

Oliver began his career in real estate in 2007 and became the owner of the franchises Propriétés de Courchevel and Propriétés de Megève in May of 2010. Olivier manages two offices and has developed the brand over the course of three years. He is a graduate of the Higher Business School of Grenoble, France, (ESA). Olivier obtained a Master of Management Sciences (MSG) and also had a career in high level tennis.

His wife, Annick, is director of the rental department and possesses many listings of the finest chalets in the French Alps. Olivier and Annick have two children.