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Trilogy is a unique three-person team of professional Realtors. The amalgamation of three industry leading Realtors has created the #1 team at one of the world’s most recognized real estate brokerages.

Christian Vermast LLB, Paul Maranger MBA, and Fran Bennett have extensive international memberships and contacts to provide you with global reach:

  • The Global Partnership: network with members of the world’s top real estate agents at Sotheby’s
  • Sotheby’s International Realty: we can connect you to 13,000 Sotheby’s agents around the world
  • CRS (Council of Residential Specialists): the leading 4% of producers in North America

When sellers list with Christian, Paul and Fran, they have peace of mind knowing that information about their homes will reach a vast pool of potential buyers which extends beyond Toronto’s borders. Buyers looking to relocate within the Province of Ontario, within Canada, or internationally, can rest easy with the knowledge that Christian, Paul and Fran can refer them to the most capable Realtors in their new search areas. Contacts are everything in real estate.

Together the Trilogy Team combines expert advice, marketing savvy, and a firm commitment to create bankable value for every client.