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WAYS TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY | Partners in Disaster


The Earl Warren Showgrounds – 19th Agricultural District

and the Santa Barbara Equine Evacuation and Assistance Team

help our community in times of disaster. 


Earl Warren Showgrounds functions as the primary facility for large animals and staging ground for Incident Command in South County. It also houses the Santa Barbara Equine Evacuation & Assistance team and provides access to its stable facilities for the evacuation of large animals.

A Need for Charitable Financial Donations: 

Earl Warren Showgrounds: To help address the state budget cuts, the Showgrounds created a non-profit arm that can accept online donations via PayPal – the Santa Barbara Showgrounds Foundation.



Santa Barbara Equine Evacuation and Assistance Team: Funds and supplies donated to SB Equine Evac are tax-deductible and go toward the procurement of feed for animals sheltered during a disaster, as well as bedding, supplies, and safety equipment necessary to carry out our mission.



Earl Warren Showgrounds – 19th Agricultural District:

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Background: Earl Warren Showgrounds functions as the location that houses Incident Command during South County disasters.  It also houses Equine Evac and provides access to its stable facilities for the evacuation of large animals. The Showgrounds has an operating budget of approximately $2.3M and was in relatively stable economic condition until about five years ago when the Brown Administration cut all funding from the state to zero. The budget cut amounted to about $200k per year and also transferred costs the state had been paying for insurance and other items to Earl Warren.  To address the budget cut, the Showgrounds depleted reserves and the facility itself has a significant backlog of deferred maintenance.  Given that the Showgrounds is classified as a Class 4 (small) facility, it is harder to stage the kind of for-profit events that support larger fairground facilities.

The following are the natural disaster incidents that the Earl Warren Showgrounds has assisted within the last ten years:

Zaca Fire – Fire Command Center and Staging Center –  Animal Evacuation Center

Jesusita Fire – Fire Command Center and Staging Center –  Animal Evacuation Center

La Brea Fire – Animal Evacuation Center

Bar Fire – Animal Evacuation Center

Tea Fire – Fire Command Center and Staging Center –  Animal Evacuation Center

Gap Fire – Fire Command Center and Staging Center –  Animal Evacuation Center

Sherpa Fire – Animal Evacuation Center

Whittier Fire – Animal Evacuation Center (102 Horses)

Thomas Fire – Animal Evacuation Center (1,430 Animals)

Montecito Flood – Command Center and Staging Center –  Animal Evacuation Center (193 animals)

It should be noted that the last four events occurred since the Sherpa Fire in 2016.

Payment for Services: The Showgrounds is not paid to house animals during a natural disaster.  In order to accept animals that are evacuated, it partners with Equine Evac who assumes all responsibility for evacuation, intake, and cataloging, feeding and care.  Further, the Showgrounds cannot bill for hosting Incident Command unless there is formal disaster declaration at which point they can request funds from FEMA.

Needs and Donations: To help address the state budget cuts, the Showgrounds created a non-profit arm that can accept online donations via PayPal – the Santa Barbara Showgrounds Foundation: http://sbshowgrounds.org/.  There is a significant need for additional funds both in the short term to address disasters such as the Thomas Fire and the Montecito Mudslide and in the longer term to preserve and improve this critical infrastructure asset in SB County.

Contact for Earl Warren Showgrounds:
Scott Grieve, CEO
Cell 805-310-1315

Contact for the Foundation:
The Earl Warren Showgrounds Foundation
3463 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Website: http://sbshowgrounds.org/


Large Animal Rescue:

Santa Barbara Equine Evacuation and Assistance Team:

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Status:  This all-volunteer organization is currently housing the largest population of large animals displaced by the disaster(s) at Earl Warren Showgrounds.  They have been on-site since the start of the Thomas Fire in early December when large numbers of horses were transported to the facility under emergency conditions.  Currently, they are housing 193 animals including horses/pony/donkey, ducks, geese, turkeys, llamas, alpacas, cows, steers and rabbits. They are the ones who go into the disaster zone to rescue the large animals under extremely difficult conditions. They have a small housing trailer on-site at Earl Warren that is their base of operations, horse and livestock trailers to pick up large and small animals, and at least one volunteer who sleeps on site every night.  They do all the feeding, mucking, and exercise of the animals.  They also assist in making arrangements for owners whose large animals remain in the evacuation area to get them feed.

Current Needs:  The greatest need is for charitable financial donations to cover the cost of feed, shavings, equipment upkeep, etc.  We are working to get them set up with a direct donation service such as PayPal and hope to have that resolved today.  Longer term, they need an additional housing trailer as well as a golf cart to get around the fairgrounds.  Suzanne immediately covered their existing feed bill at La Cumbre Feed for which they were enormously grateful as they rely on donations to cover all their costs.

Contact:  Ronda Hathaway, Cell Phone: 805-452-9236.  Email: rondahathaway@yahoo.com.
Website: www.sbequineevac.org:

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Eric Foote
Scott Grieve



Amazing Equine Rescue After Montecito Mudslides

SB Equine Evac team rescue Odie, a family horse, from the Montecito Mudslides.

SB Equine Evac team rescue Odie, a family horse, from the Montecito Mudslides.


Santa Barbara Equine Assistance & Evacuation Team, Inc., a non-profit, needs your help through the
PayPal/Giving Fund:  https://www.paypal.com/uk/fundraiser/charity/1682430

HOTLINE: (805) 892-4484
If you are in immediate need of large animal evacuation and/or sheltering
during a disaster and need assistance, please call right away.

Hours after the Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018, violent flash floods, mudslides, boulders, and debris tore through Montecito, California, the Santa Barbara Equine Assistance and Evac team received notification from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department and Animal Services that a horse needed rescue. The worried family was forced to flee the fast-moving mudflows, leaving behind their beloved 30-year-old horse named Odie.

The three-person equine evac team, led by Ronda Hathaway and Kathy O’Connor, jumped into their rig. When they arrived at the intersection of the 300 block of Hot Springs Road and Olive Mill Road, just north of Casa Dorinda, they surveyed a scene of unimaginable destruction. The raging wall of mud jumped the banks of the adjacent Montecito Creek and carved through the entire intersection and surrounding homes.

It seemed impossible that anything could survive the devastation and the team feared for Odie’s fate. They mapped the address, but the gate and numbers were gone. All that remained was an impassable five-foot wall of mud and debris with no way to assess the property boundaries. After two hours of carefully navigating thick mud, massive boulders, and dangerous wires and debris, there was no sign of Odie and it was clear the property was inaccessible from the road.

They returned to the Earl Warren Showgrounds where the team conducted a reverse address lookup and social media blasts in efforts to reach the owners. Odie’s owners saw the request and reported his location to be at the far end of the property behind the house.

Hathaway said, “We knew we were in the right place but didn’t go far enough back. When we first went in that area we were so worried. Miraculously, Odie was in the corral with a blanket, food and water, and he didn’t have a mark on him. He was behind the severely damaged home so he was protected. There was only a little mud at one end the corral.”

The team assessed the intersection which was filled with Edison trucks, first responders, and search teams with dogs, and determined that it was too dangerous to get him out there. They fed Odie, took off his blanket, filled up buckets with rainwater, and left him to search for alternate passages.

The team figured out a way to the corral through the upper edge of Casa Dorinda where a construction zone was left unscathed. They were able to take the construction fence apart and enter the family’s property from the far end. Odie calmly walked through the construction site and loaded right in the trailer where he was taken to safety at the Earl Warren Showgrounds.

Hathaway remarked, “Odie is one of our many rescue stories. It’s hard to believe he’s 30-years-old. He’s a happy guy who’s been well cared for by his family. Thankfully this story has a happy outcome. Odie’s owners have friends in Hope Ranch with a guest house and a corral and Odie will get to be with his family on Monday.”

What We Do
The Santa Barbara Equine Assistance and Evacuation Team, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. SB Equine Evac assists all Santa Barbara County emergency responding agencies and large animal owners in the evacuation, temporary care and sheltering of large animals in time of fire, flood, earthquake, and other disasters or accidents. Volunteers are trained and registered Disaster Service Workers under the Office of Emergency Services in California. SB Equine Evac provides education and demonstrations for many local public events, agencies, and organizations.

Urgent Needs
Sb Equine Evac has emergency needs to maintain infrastructure and purchase a new supply trailer. We also need a utility vehicle such as a Gator, Cushman or Polaris, to transport and deliver feed and hay, and to efficiently move around the large Earl Warren Showgrounds.

The services provided by SB Equine Evac are free of charge. Our organization is funded entirely by private donors. Funds and supplies donated to SB Equine Evac are tax-deductible and go toward the procurement of feed for animals sheltered during a disaster, as well as bedding, supplies, and safety equipment necessary to carry out our mission.

Emergency Transport & Sheltering of Large Animals
Upon notification of disaster and need for large animal evacuation, SB Equine Evac establishes a mobile command center at a designated site and prepares for the intake and sheltering of large animals. Truck and trailer crews are assembled and deployed to evacuate large animals to the designated sheltering area where they will be cared for by qualified volunteers.






By Michelle Finley Heckman
Marketing Director for Suzanne Perkins at Sotheby’s International Realty

VIDEO: Ellen Thanks the Incredible California Firefighters


Screenshot is taken from EllenTube.com

Screenshot is taken from EllenTube.com

Click here to watch the EllenTube video

January 3, 2018 – Ellen DeGeneres got to thank some hard-working firefighters who braved the Thomas Fire, the largest wildfire in California history, and protected her home The Villa Santa Barbara, among many residences in the Santa Barbara area.

For more information on The Villa please visit www.TheVillaSB.com.

California Home & Design Features El Bosque, a Lutah Riggs Designed Home in Montecito

03-655ElBosque_27-rear gardens



December 5, 2017 – California Home & Design features Suzanne Perkins’ new listing, a Lutah Riggs designed home in the article, “In Montecito, Extraordinary Simplicity at $6.3M” (Ferrato, 2017).

This Mediterranean Pied-a-Terre, known as the Gallager House, is a unique part of Santa Barbara’s architectural history. It was designed by Lutah Riggs in 1930’s while she was employed by G.W. Smith, both notable Santa Barbara architects. The approximately 2,696 sq. ft. home offers 3-bedrooms, 3.5-baths, with a gracious living room, dining room,  formal entry, and a sun porch off the master bedroom, as well as a pool, a koi pond, and an aviary. The property is set on one beautifully landscaped acre on one of Montecito’s most desirable streets, all within close proximity to the famous San Ysidro Ranch and Montecito’s Upper Village.

For more information on this stunning property please visit 655ElBosqueRd.com or call Suzanne Perkins at 805.895.2138.
Sotheby’s International Realty.

04-655ElBosque_25-rear patio

05-655ElBosque_11-Living Rm

Robb Report features Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi’s Over-the-Top Home Bar

48-2840HiddenValley_21-Jordan Hall-Parlor 4


DECEMBER 4, 2017 – Robb Report featured Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi’s Montecito home, offered for sale at $39,500,000, in the article, “Over-the-Top Home Bars That Will Warm Your Spirits This Holiday Season” (Abramian, 2017).

No expense was spared in modernizing the historic property for a relaxed California lifestyle. A dramatic indoor-outdoor entertaining pavilion known as Jordan Hall, featured in the article above, was built from stone excavated on-site and hand-made iron windows. This one-of-a-kind magnificent parlor, devoted to entertainment, was completed in 2016. The entry vestibule has floor-to-ceiling iron windows and doors that promise all the architectural drama and countless unique details that Jordan Hall holds within. One is immediately greeted with a massive modern bar with a vintage apothecary chest that has been reimagined as the bar display with glass and bronze display cases. The contrast between old and new continues in this space. This entertainer’s parlor keeps very much with the tradition of the main home and has the same character and feel, but with a more modern flare. There’s also a new lap pool and a sunken championship tennis court adjacent to the entertainment pavilion.

For more information on this stunning property please visit TheVillaSB.com or call Suzanne Perkins at 805.895.2138.
Sotheby’s International Realty.


47-2840HiddenValley_20-Jordan Hall-Parlor 3

45-2840HiddenValley_23-Jordan Hall-Parlor


44-2840HiddenValley_19-Jordan Hall porch