LtoR: Susan Jordan and Suzanne Perkins present Ellen's Montecito Disaster Relief Fund Check to the Montecito Bucket Brigade Founder, Abe Powell.

On behalf of Ellen DeGeneres, Susan Jordan and Suzanne Perkins present Ellen’s Montecito Disaster Relief Fund Check to the Montecito Bucket Brigade Co-Founder, Abe Powell.


MONTECITO, CA (March 20, 2018) – The first check from Ellen’s DeGeneres’s GoFundMe Montecito Disaster Relief Fund for $20,000.00, was distributed to Abe Powell, the Co-Founder of the Montecito Bucket Brigade.

Powell, who is also on the board of directors on the Montecito Fire Protection District, was beyond thrilled and said, “We are going to use the money to buy a mud sucking machine that can suck mud and water out of homes, rather than our crew hand-digging. It will save hours with the work we are doing!”

Suzanne Perkins, of Sotheby’s International Realty, and Susan Jordan, Executive Director of the California Coastal Protection Network, have been instrumental in working with Ellen’s team to organize all the local charities that are helping in local relief efforts, and will ultimately receive funds from Ellen’s GoFundMe charity.

According to her GoFundMe page, “Ellen DeGeneres wants to help the people and animals of Montecito. The area has been devastated by record-breaking fires, and then a mudslide that wiped out nearly everything in its path. While the town rebuilds, Ellen and her friends want to support the thousands of people and animals affected by this disaster. They need our help.”

The money raised on the site was sent to the Direct Impact Fund, a non-profit organization will help disperse the funds in various amounts to the following charities below:

Animal Shelter Assistance Program

National Disaster Search Dog Rescue Foundation

Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade c/o SBCC Foundation

SB County Animal Services

SB Equine Evacuation and Assistance Team

SB Wildlife Care Network

SB Showgrounds Foundation

For more information, please contact Suzanne Perkins at or Susan Jordan at


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