pan-am-1Suzanne is originally from Lexington, Kentucky attended High School in Stuttgart, Germany where her father was stationed in the US Armed Forces. After completing High School in Germany, Suzanne left for California to attend college. While attending college full time, Suzanne was fortunate to also to also have a full time job at Disneyland. After completing California State University, she was hired by Pan American World Airways, the world’s leading international airline.

This was the glittering age of jet travel and Suzanne was quickly promoted to In-Flight Purser; and when the 747 entered service in 1970 she was again promoted, this time as In-Flight Service Director.

Courage and Intrigue – The Exciting Life of Pan Am In-flight Purser, Suzanne Perkins, During the Vietnam War

The Exciting Life of Pan Am In-flight Purser, Suzanne Perkins, During the Vietnam War

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As a testament to Suzanne’s courage and strength of character, she volunteered for special assignment with the Department of Defense to serve on selected crews to fly monthly R&R flights in and out of Saigon, Da Nang and Cam Ranh Bay during the Vietnam War. She also heroically participated in the Saigon Evacuation flights at the time of the fall of Vietnam.

Suzanne's Pan Am Scrapbook

Pan American World Airways, a company whose hallmark was dedication, hard work and service, helped hone and develop Suzanne’s many talents. Among them are her extraordinary people skills, her ability to listen and quickly assess any situation, and then move forward with calm authority and intelligence. Suzanne has brought these exemplary qualities to the Real Estate profession. She is always on the cutting edge of new technology, as demonstrated by her state of the art website, and exceptionally creative and high quality advertising and marketing strategies. These help exemplify Suzanne’s dedicated work ethic and integrity.

In her own words:

“Every day, I am just doing what I love and enjoy. The fact that I get to represent some of the most incredible properties and people in the world, in the spectacular surroundings of Santa Barbara, Montecito and Santa Ynez Valley is a blessing with an exceptional bonus.”

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